“Reality is an illusion created by a lack of alcohol”

N F Simpson

So, “who the hell are you?”, I hear you asking. “And why have you gone to the effort of having a website for a beach bar? It’s not as though you have rooms or anything‚Ķ”

Well, for starters, whilst it appears to be just a bar, it’s far more than that. It’s a lifestyle choice. Our choice. One we would like to share with you for however long you’ll let us.

Perhaps it’s the start of an empire, perhaps it will remain just a little bar on a beautiful beach in Koh Lanta. Either way, it will definitely be an improvement on how we start and end each day, and it will definitely not be dull!

We are a spontaneous, fun loving group that has always sought to find creative ways to fit our careers and responsibilities around a more laid back lifestyle – and we think we’ve finally found the answer.

Our concept is simple – it’s a beach bar that meets your needs and ours. We want to put the ‘Life’ back into Work/Life balance.

We want to bring you cold beers, crafty cocktails, great tunes and good vibes on a beautiful white sandy beach, with the sound of the gentle waves in the background.

A place where you can relax and work, with high speed Wi-Fi connection, USB and international plug sockets coming out of your ears, and a relaxed atmosphere that will let you carry on enjoying this lifestyle even whilst you’re working (sorry we can’t fix that part for you!).

All with a view of the Andaman Sea.

We want to do all this to give you, our customer, the most enjoyable experience imaginable.